Tourism & Master Planning

The Rocks

Hopewell Cape, NB

The firm prepared a site design for a totally new way of experiencing The Rocks at Hopewell Cape - New Brunswick's new tourism icon. The initiative was to set development back away from the dangerous edge which was eroding steadily. After a site analysis, we determined that the Province should acquire the neighbouring property and develop a totally new park infrastructure which would afford more opportunities for views and access to the coastal features. This approach was viewed very favorably and the additional land was acquired, transforming the Park from a rest area to one of the biggest attractions in the province. The Province found a private sector partner to build and operate the visitor centre (restaurant, gift ship, interpretive centre).

The work included; a new access road into the site, parking for over 500 vehicles, 40 RV's and 10 buses, a visitor information centre, picnic facilities, accessible trails, signage, dramatic observation decks, security fencing, stairs to the shoreline, maintenance compound, playground, bus tour parking, lower canteen site and substantial indigenous planting and reforestation.

Hopewell Rocks has won two awards: a high commendation from British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow, and another as Best New Site at the Attractions Canada Awards in April 1999. The eco-tourism initiative at Hopewell Cape maintains the balance between providing visitors with unique outdoor adventures while preserving a sensitive eco-system.

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